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Who We Are: Charter School Division

Osprey Wilds Charter School Division (CSD) is located in Minneapolis and conducts oversight and evaluation of all schools authorized by Osprey Wilds throughout the state. The CSD is comprised of professionals with charter school authorizing and evaluation expertise. This includes both employees of Osprey Wilds and contracted service providers. The CSD is overseen and monitored by the Charter School Committee and Osprey Wilds’ Board of Directors. Ultimately, the Board makes decisions regarding the ongoing authorization of any particular school.

Contact the CSD at (612) 331-4181 or csdadmin@ospreywilds.org.

Charter School Division Staff

Erin Anderson
Director of Charter School Authorizing

Ashley Estis
Charter School Leadership Fellow

Pat Hartman
Authorizing Specialist, School Sustainability 

Emily Edstrom Moore
Authorizing Specialist, Academics 

Jolene Palme
Charter School Finance & Compliance Analyst

Addie Mazza
Authorizing Specialist, Technical Assistance

Charter School Committee

The Charter School Committee (CSC) is a standing committee of Osprey Wilds’ Board of Directors and is charged by the board with overseeing authorizing activities. This includes making recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding new school applications, transfer of schools, reauthorization, and termination of contracts. The CSC holds regular meetings to conduct business based on reports provided by the Charter School Division.

Current Committee Members

  • Samba Fall
  • Reema Ghazi
  • Barbara Lindeke
  • Steve McNeill, Chair
  • Gary Tashima
  • Mary Verbick

Osprey Wilds Board of Directors
To view a list of current board members, click here.