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Wildlife Outreach Programs

Our educational ambassador animals can be a fantastic tool to teach students about wildlife and nature. We are now offering virtual, interactive lessons as well as in-person visits.

You can choose from a variety of wildlife programs with our Animal Ambassadors. Our programs cover a range of topics and we present to audiences of all ages.

  • Variety of animals including salamander, frogs, toad, turtles, snakes, a rabbit and a porcupine. Types of animals cannot be guaranteed in order for us to be flexible enough to meet our animals’ needs.
  • Within 90 miles of Duluth, St. Cloud, Twin Cities
  • Abundant props and audience participation add to the fun of learning
  • Presented by our skilled wildlife education staff
  • Competitively priced, no weekend surcharges.

Northwoods Niche

Suggested ages 4th Grade-Adult; 1 hour program.

Every animal has a role to fill in the environment.  Meet live animals as we travel through the different levels of the deciduous forest and find out who lives here and what tools they have to do their job.


Leap, Creep and Slither

Suggested ages 2nd-6th Grade; 1 hour program.

From water, to land, to trees, reptiles and amphibians have special abilities that help them survive.  Meet live reptiles and amphibians that live in Minnesota as they teach us how they survive.


Outreach Programs 

  • 60 Minute Program
    • First program: $350 
    • Add one more program: + $200 (same day, same animal)
    • Each program after the first two: + $150/program (same day, same animal)
    • Mileage:  standard federal mileage rate applies for programs over 40 miles round-trip from Osprey Wilds
  • Booth Program
    • Rotating live animals
    • Variety of interactable props relating to Minnesota wildlife
    • All day event: $640

Any group over 100 students costs an additional program  fee of $75

NOTE: there may be an additional fee for programs outside of Minnesota due to additional permit fees.

To book one of our outreach programs for your group or organization:

Educational Programs for Groups and Schools