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Wildlife Outreach programs from Osprey Wilds

Live animals have the ability to engage an audience and inspire a concern for wildlife and our environment. Osprey Wilds is home to resident raptors, corvids, a porcupine, a rabbit, and a number of reptiles and amphibians. Considered our ‘Wild Staff’, our birds and porcupine have permanent injuries that deem them non-releasable and they now live at the Center acting as ambassadors for their species.

You can choose from variety of wildlife programs that will come to your site with members of our ‘Wild Staff’. Our programs cover a variety of topics including: natural history, conservation, and wildlife interactions with different cultures.

We have presented programs for audiences of all ages including: schools, churches, Audubon chapters, birding festivals, fairs, expos, environmental festivals, corporate events, etc.

Our outreach programs come to your doorstep!

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  • Variety of education animals including: salamander, frogs, toad, turtles, snakes, rabbit, raptors, and porcupine.
  • Within 90 miles of Duluth, St. Cloud, Twin Cities
  • Abundant props and audience participation add to the fun of learning
  • Presented by our skilled wildlife education staff
  • Competitively priced, no weekend surcharges

Raptors Through Stories   ….suggested for Preschool-2nd Grade; 45-60 Minute program
Students will get their first experience with birds of prey by reading children’s books about birds of prey, then meeting 2-3 live raptors.  Students will have the opportunity to touch and feel wings and feet from real birds of prey.

Raptors: Hunting from on High   …suggested for Kindergarten-2nd Grade; 1 hour program – limit of 40 students
In this active program students explore adaptations of birds of prey that leave us in awe.  Students will be up and moving and learning throughout the entire program.  Between activities students will meet 3 live raptors that will reinforce learned concepts.

Raptors By Family   suggested for 3rd Grade-9th Grade; 1 hour program
All birds of prey have certain characteristics in common, but each group (falcons, owls, hawks and eagles) have adaptations that make them unique.  Students will explore these unique adaptations through games and by meeting 3 live raptors.

Silent Hunters   …suggested ages 3rd Grade-Adult; 1 hour program
Owls that spend the winter in Minnesota face a unique set of challenges.  Meet two live owls as we explore what challenges owls face and what adaptations they have to overcome to be successful hunters year round in Minnesota.

Falconry…Of Raptors and Men   …suggested for 3rd Grade-Adult; 1 hour program.
Humans have been living with and hunting with birds of prey for 4000 years.  Explore how this relationship has changed and stayed the same with lots of student interaction and meeting two live raptors.

Endangered Raptors…Recovery Stories   …suggested ages 4th Grade-Adult; 1 hour program.  Limit of 40 students
What does it mean to go extinct?  Why do animals become endangered?  Students will examine several raptors that have faced extinction.  Through role playing, demonstrations, games, and meeting 2-3 live raptors students will learn what we do that causes problems for raptors and what can be done to help.

Northwoods Niche …suggested ages 4th Grade-Adult; 1 hour program.
Every animal has a role to fill in the environment.  Meet 4 live animals as we travel through the different levels of the deciduous forest and find out who lives here and what tools they have to do their job.

Porcupine Quillwork Embroidery …suggested ages 4th Grade-Adult; 2 hour program.
Students will meet a live porcupine while learning about their natural history.  Students will create a quilled design on a birch bark medallion to take home after observing a demonstration of quill embroidery technique. Two hour program, due to materials and hands on nature of the program it is limited to 35 participants, recommended for ages 9 to adult.  Program fee $350

Fill the Bill …suggested ages 4th Grade-Adult; 1 hour ‘add-on’ program.
Use different tools to feed on various food sources.   Compare tools to different beak shapes and how different bird species become specialists in a particular type of food.  Informal program, come and go program for participants.  Must be booked in addition to a full price wildlife program, can be added to a booth event as well.  $75/hr or $125/with a booth event.

Leap, Creep and Slither   …suggested ages 4th Grade-Adult; 1 hour program.
From water, to land, to trees, reptiles and amphibians have special abilities that help them survive.  Meet live reptiles and amphibians that live in Minnesota as they teach us how they survive.

Aquatics   …suggested ages 4th Grade-Adult; 1 hour program.
Students will learn about the secret lives of the insects that live under the water.  Which insect predators liquefy and remove the insides of their prey leaving just the exoskeleton?  Which insects eat mosquitoes their whole life?  Why should we all be familiar with which insects live in our local waters?  Students will explore the answers to these questions while seeing live macro invertebrates projected on a big screen through an LCD projector.


Large Group/Assembly Programs 

  • 1st 1-hr Program:  $300
    1st Additional Program:  $150 (same day, same animal)
    subsequent programs $100 (same day, same animal)
    All Day Event:  $595
    Mileage:  standard federal mileage rate applies for programs over 75 miles round-trip from Osprey Wilds

Porcupine Quillwork Embroidery Program

2-hr Program:  $350
Mileage:  we charge the standard federal mileage rate for programs over 75 miles round-trip from Osprey Wilds

NOTE: there may be an additional fee for programs outside of Minnesota due to additional permit fees.

To book one of our outreach programs for your group or organization: