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Osprey Wilds is an accredited K-12 Outdoor School that offers a wide range of educational opportunities for students of all ages through experiential learning. Our staff are ready to support you in planning an amazing overnight field trip, day visit, or on-site programming at your school!

We offer scholarships for schools to help cover the costs of our overnight K-12 programs!

Please email us at schools@ospreywilds.org for more information about scholarships.

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Overnight and Day Trips

Field Trips

We specialize in overnight and one-day experiences for K-12 youth. Learn safely with our well-trained and conscientious staff. Learn more about our offerings below.

An exceptional outdoor learning experience for a great value!

  • For school groups up to 150 (students + teachers/chaperones)
  • Experience a multi-day trip in an intimate setting

A typical 3 day, 2 night visit includes:

  • 6 two-hour classes
  • 2 evening programs
  • 7 scratch-made meals
  • 2 nights lodging
  • Unlimited outdoor learning opportunities!
  • Pricing:
    • 2023-2024 school year: $175/participant
    • 2024-2025 school year: $185/participant

To learn more about pricing and various trip lengths check out our K-12 Trip Planner.

Accessible experiential learning opportunities for all grade levels!

  • For school groups of up to 60 students
  • Variety of outdoor and indoor classes depending length of stay
  • We can offer bag lunches, hot lunches (buffet style), or schools can bring their own
  • Day Group Fee: each class $175/learning group of 15
  • High Ropes Adventure, climbing wall, canoeing, masignawaso, and cross-country skiing: $35/participant, minimum of 5 participants for all day program


At Your School

Our staff can safely bring outdoor learning to your students at your school. We offer sciences classes and wildlife programming with our charming Wildlife Animal Ambassadors!

Wildlife Programming: Book a 1-hour experience, or even up to a full day of educational programming with our live animal ambassadors. Choose from a variety of programs for all age groups.

Our instructors will lead your students through outdoor classes on wildlife, ecology, and environmental science. Select from specialized classes such as Animal Signs and Forest Explorers that are designed to be done on school grounds and can be adjusted to fit your existing class schedule. Contact us for a complete course offering list.

Already Have a Reservation?

Visit our Planning Your Trip page for details on planning your trip to Osprey Wilds or download our K-12 Trip Planner for a comprehensive document about planning a trip to Osprey Wilds, including a listing of class options, pricing, logistics, forms, etc.

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To learn more about our classes, on-site visits to your school, field trips, availability, pricing & scholarships please send an email to schools@ospreywilds.org

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Overnight and Day Trips

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Contact Us

To learn more about our classes, on-site visits to your school, field trips, availability, pricing & scholarships please submit our online K-12 Inquiry Form, or email to schools@ospreywilds.org