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Osprey Wilds Staff, Fellows & Board


Osprey Wilds’ staff is a hard-working and dedicated team. We come from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences, yet all share a common commitment to the environment and environmental education.

Administration, College & Adult Programming
Bryan Wood, Executive Director
Jill Rudolph, Operations Director

Buildings & Grounds
Ty Johnson, Lands & Buildings Manager
Roberta Volk, Lead Housekeeper
Morgan Morris, Housekeeper

Charter School (CS) Authorization
Erin Anderson, Director of Charter Schools Authorization
Nalani McCutcheon, Associate Director of Charter School Authorizing
James Ewer, CS Authorizing Specialist

Development & Donor Relations
Jim DeYoung, Director of Development

K-12, Youth & Family Programs
Emily Porter, Education Director
Ashley Bozman, Fellowship Coordinator

Amy Smyser, Food Service Manager
Becky Fromm, Head Cook
Mia Besemann, Cook
Holly Downing, Cook
Leslie Haupt, Cook

Marketing, Website & IT
Carly Gelderman, Marketing & Communications Manager
Jamie Delton, IT Coordinator

Office Administration & Program Support
Janette Nash, Front Desk Receptionist
Jolene Palme, Finance Manager

Retreats, Conferences, Center Rentals
Mary Dresser, Reservations Coordinator

Savannah Maiers, Wildlife Coordinator


Light Love

Alexis Lyons

Antonio Martinez-Montavon

Celia Montemurri

Katrina Schlicker

Allie Steffen

Hannah Sugrue

Julia Zyla


Governing Board

  • Don Arnosti

  • Heidi Bringman

  • David Chasson

  • Chris Crutchfield

  • Deb Curran, Vice President

  • Rick Fletcher

  • Donald Janes

  • Kevin McCalib

  • Steven McNeill, Treasurer

  • Richard Newmark, Secretary

  • Lois Norrgard

  • Susan Van Gorden

  • Don Verbick, President