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Join the Osprey Wilds Sustainers

Sustaining contributors are an important group at Osprey Wilds. The monthly recurring gifts of Osprey Wilds Sustainers provide us with a dependable, steady stream of support from month to month, season to season, and program to program. 


Sustainers use words like “convenient,” “stress-free,” and “budget-friendly” to describe their giving choice. Sustaining contributions are a win-win, providing financial stability for us and saving you time and money—no checks to write or postage to buy.

How to become an Osprey Wilds Sustainer:

  • The recurring gift option is built into our online giving system, authorizing secure withdrawals from your bank account or charges to your credit card.
  • You can choose recurring gifts when you use one of our gift envelopes, or you can print out and mail in this form.
  • Set up monthly donations through your bank’s bill-pay service and email development@ospreywilds.org to let us know you want to be recognized as an Osprey Wilds Sustainer.