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Forms Needed for Your K-12 Visit

For the Reservation Agreement, scheduling form, as well as medical and liability forms, please contact our Reservations Coordinator for the Google form links. Links to all of these forms are also found in the appendix of the Osprey Wilds Trip Planner.

Return forms via email to schools@ospreywilds.org

You must first download and save the PDF to your computer (right-click on links below and ‘save link as…’) in order to be able to use them as fillable forms (see instructions above).

Note to Osprey Wilds authorized charter schools: MN §124E.10, Subd. 2(a) requires: “A [charter] school must disclose to the commissioner any potential contract, lease, or purchase of service from the school’s authorizer or a current board member, employee, contractor, volunteer, or agent of the school’s authorizer. The contract, lease, or purchase must be accepted through an open bidding process and be separate from the charter contract.”
Your school can send notification of a potential contract or purchase of service via email to mde.charterschools@state.mn.us. Statute does not provide an exact time when MDE needs to be notified. MDE recommends submitting notice to the commissioner when a decision has been made to move forward with contracting, leasing, or purchasing services but prior to the execution of these documents or agreements.

Statute only requires notifying the commissioner of the potential contract, lease or purchase of services; however, schools can optionally let the commissioner know when the contract, lease or purchase of service agreements are executed so the commissioner can stay informed. Communications can be sent to mde.charterschools@state.mn.us.
If you have questions about this requirement, please contact the MDE Charter Center at mde.charterschools@state.mn.us


The forms below are to be filled out and submitted by the school’s trip leader according to the schedule and deadlines indicated in ‘Planning Your School’s Visit’:

Please contact our Reservations Coordinator for the following:

  • Reservation Agreement
  • Scheduling Form
  • Medical Forms
  • Liability Forms 


Informational forms that answer common questions and provide a program overview for parents:


(includes all forms, What to Bring, and Info for parents, translated into Spanish, Somali or Hmong):

* We must receive a signed Liability Form for each individual before program participation can be allowed.