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Our main building and headquarters, Blandin Hall, houses our offices and our dining hall. [one_half][separator headline=”h5″ title=”Dining Hall & Office Amenities:”]

  • Large lakeside dining hall with huge stone fireplace and windows on three sides overlooking Grindstone Lake and woods
  • Dining capacity for 205 people; meals are served buffet-style
  • International hallway with large display cases handcrafted from Audubon Center of the North Woods sugar maple
  • Nature Store featuring ACNW items (including our pure maple syrup), Minnesota merchandise, coffee, unique gifts and organic products
  • Heated and cooled by our geothermal heat pump system
  • Powered by our 31.4 kw solar photovoltaic system, 3.7 kw wind turbine and 7 solar hot water panels
  • Wireless Internet and AV capabilities/equipment
  • Available for groups, conferences, retreats, holiday parties and special occasions

[separator headline=”h5″ title=”Energy Conservation Improvements:”]

  • 65 ton, 30 wells @ 206 feet deep Geothermal Ground Source Heat Pumps
  • Variable Speed Drive for Geothermal pumps
  • Automatic geothermal shutoff for outside air temp between 65 -75F
  • Air Handler Exchangers control shutoff with manual override for 4 areas
  • 31.2 kw of grid-tied Solar PV system feeding into Dorm and Dining Hall
  • Exterior lighting switched from 13 w CFLs to 9 w LEDs
  • 0.5 gpm aerators on hand washing sinks
  • Weather stripping along exterior doorways
  • Insulation of 16” blown cellulose in attic and eves
  • Foam sealant around fireplace, wall joints, piping penetrations
  • Switch from 32w fluorescent tube lights to 25 w
  • High-efficiency cooler fans for walk-in cooler and freezer
  • High Pressure, low water dish sprayer
  • Motion light sensors in hallways and bathrooms
  • Hand dryers as opposed to cloth or paper towels
  • High-efficiency hand dryers
  • LED lights in display cabinets (replacing 20 watt with 4 watt)
  • Foam sealant around fireplace, wall joints, piping penetrations
  • Passive Lighting in Dining Hall
  • Receives surplus electricity from Crosby Dormitory
  • 7 SW facing domestic solar hot water panels for kitchen and sinks
  • Rain Garden and Rain Barrel[/one_half]