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Virtual Benefit Weekend

October 23-25

Join us for three nights of free virtual programming, an online auction, and dollar-for-dollar contribution matching!

Our mission is to instill a connection and commitment to the environment in people of all communities through experiential learning.

Our vision is a healthy planet where all people live in balance with the Earth.


Find the topics, registration links, and more details for each night of programming and our Picnic Pick Up event below: 

Join us via Zoom for a free keynote presentation with guest speaker, Dudley Edmondson. This presentation begins to connect the dots for audiences to why African Americans and other people of color are under-represented in the outdoors. To do so, we have to look at the nation’s history of slavery, the civil rights movement, and the resulting current social and economic factors that are now part of African American lives.  


Dudley Edmondson is well-known as a professional photographer, author, filmmaker, and public speaker. Much of his work centers on the environment and ethnic diversity in the outdoors and he has been one of the first to highlight the involvement of African Americans in the public lands system. Mr. Edmondson has also been immersed in the effort to help the conservation sector become more inclusive. 


Unsatisfied with the numbers of people who looked like him among those he encountered in his outdoor pursuits, set out to create a set of outdoor role models for the African American community by writing his landmark book, Black & Brown Faces in America’s Wild Places (AdventureKeen Publications 2006) featuring luminaries in the environmental and outdoor recreation fields. 


His latest book entitled “What’s That Flower” A Beginners Guide to Wildflowers by DK  Publishing, London, UK was published in 2013

Learn more about his work here. 

Join us for a viewing of our Raptors by Family program, a 30-minute live interactive webinar with our educational animals. See our raptors up close and learn about what makes them so unique.

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Enjoy a delicious meal that highlights local and seasonal ingredients and is prepared for you by Osprey Wilds. 

Menu: Chicken wild rice soup, house-made bread, seasonal fruit & a pumpkin bar. Vegan wild rice soup is available.

Learn more here.

Learn how Osprey Wilds has been affected by COVID-19 and is adapting and innovating to continue to meet its mission and deliver environmental programs.

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Contact us at development@ospreywilds.org

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Matching Goal ($20,550/$20,000)

Osprey Wilds is excited to announce that every donation from our fall fundraiser will be 100% matched by our generous board members. That means if you donate $10, we will receive $20 to continue our work of instilling a connection and commitment to the environment in people of all communities through experiential learning. Double your impact with no extra costs.

Host a House Party

Gather your friends or family for a small get-together at your house to tune in to our live programming! Embrace the season and have a Fall harvest party, potluck, or Halloween-inspired bash! Contact us if you are interested in hosting a party!