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Staff Spotlight: Rock

Environmental Education Fellow

Name: Rock Delliquanti

Pronouns: He/him/his

Hometown and state: I moved a lot growing up. The short answer is Atlanta, GA. The full list is Orange County, California – Brookline, Massachusetts – Plymouth, Minnesota – Atlanta Georgia (this was the longest) – Upstate New York – San Francisco, California – Midcoast Maine – Gainesville, Florida – Coastal Georgia – now the LA Area during COVID.

School and field of study: Bard College, majored in Biology.       

Please provide a few sentences about why you wanted to come to Osprey Wilds ELC and/or why you wish to pursue environmental education.  I have always been fortunate enough to have exposure to the outdoors and to have educators in my life who could help me explore and question what I was seeing. I believe that it’s important to have a relationship with the outdoors so that we all can be advocates and allies for the natural world.

What are some of your favorite indoor and/or outdoor activities? Indoor: linocut printmaking, attempting other art projects that I am less good at, cooking, playing games with my friends, playing games alone in the dark, crosswords. Outdoor: hiking, birding, looking for and catching/identifying various critters I find, finding things that are new and exciting.

What is your most memorable outdoor moment? I have been fortunate enough to work with amazing animals over the past few years and one of the most memorable outdoor moments was getting to handle and band American Oystercatchers that I had been monitoring since they were eggs and then to watch them fledge, leave, and return the following year.

How have you been keeping busy during COVID-19? I have been playing a lot of Animal Crossing, games with friends, working on art projects, getting frustrated at crossword puzzles, and cooking, with walks and birding thrown in when I can go out safely.

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