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Staff Spotlight: Josh

Environmental Education Fellow

Name: Joshua Dilling

Pronouns: he/him/his

Hometown and state: I am by my nature a wanderer and that trend started very young.  What place formed me the most? It would have to Northern Idaho where adventure is a casual pass time.

What are some of your favorite indoor and/or outdoor activities?

I am a fan of many outdoor and indoor pursuits however, I will mention a few here. Outside I can be found engaged in activities such as bushcraft, hiking/productively getting lost, and paddling. Indoors you will find me reading, cooking enjoyable food, and random pursuits of daily life which have their own bits of enjoyment.

What is your most memorable outdoor moment? I have far too many favorite moments outside even my not so great moments are awesome memories to pull to the forefront of my mind.

How have you been keeping busy during COVID-19?  Nothing too exciting mostly FEMA courses and doing good old social distance rec area maintenance.He/him/hisH

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