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Staff Spotlight: Jeff

Environmental Education Fellow

Name: Jeffrey “Jeff” Lu

Pronouns (Optional): He/Him/His

Hometown and state: Austin, MN

School and field of study: Washington University in St. Louis, Major in Bio with Minor in Anthropology

Please provide a few sentences about why you wanted to come to Osprey Wilds ELC and/or why you wish to pursue environmental education. 

I want to pursue environmental education because I want to spend my life in the outdoors doing something meaningful for the world. Since I have skills in teaching and most people in society don’t know very much about nature, I think teaching is a great way for me to help nature.

What are some of your favorite indoor and/or outdoor activities? Hiking, birdwatching, singing, computer games, dance

What is your most memorable outdoor moment That’s like asking for me to pick a favorite child. I guess if I had to choose, I remember one beautiful night sitting with a friend in the Virginian Appalachians watching the sky and listening to the wind in the forest. It was magical.

How have you been keeping busy during COVID-19? Computer games, walks, practicing singing, and calls to friends


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