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Staff Spotlight: Allie Ott

Environmental Education Fellow

Name: Alexis (Allie) Ott

Pronouns (Optional): She/Her/Hers

Hometown and state: Brown Deer, Wisconsin

School and field of study: I attended the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point majoring in biology, minoring in natural sciences, and receiving a certificate in environmental education.

Please provide a few sentences about why you wanted to come to Osprey Wilds ELC and/or why you wish to pursue environmental education. 

I want to come to Osprey Wilds to continue growing as an environmental educator. In the past three summers, I was lucky enough to find internships in environmental education. The first involved getting inner-city kids outside, the second was teaching garden education, and last summer was doing environmental education with live animals. When I learned about Osprey Wilds fellowship I knew that it was the perfect combination of everything I got a little taste of in my internships and all of those things I wanted to continue to learn about and grow through to become a better environmental educator. I’m also super excited to get a feel for residential environmental education, to take groups whitewater rafting, and to learn how to successfully lead team-building activities!

What are some of your favorite indoor and/or outdoor activities?

My favorite indoor activities are napping with my dog, playing Just Dance, puzzling, and writing letters.

My favorite outdoor activities are camping, rollerblading, playing softball, and badminton, swimming and exploring.

What is your most memorable outdoor moment?

My most memorable outdoor moment is when I was in Alaska for my study away semester. The other exchange students and I decided to take the winter backcountry backpacking course and found out how cold Alaska is on a mountain top, how beautiful the views are at the top, and the accomplishment you feel

How have you been keeping busy during COVID-19?

During COVID-19 I’ve been keeping busy with my studies (which I finished today!), walking my dog, rollerblading, writing letters, and video chatting friends.








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