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Staff Spotlight: Katrina

Environmental Education Fellow
Adventure Lead

Name: Katrina Schlicker

Pronouns: She/her

What are your main responsibilities?

This year, my primary responsibilities are taking care of our Educational Ambassadors, Spike and Poppy, teaching K-12 and college programming, editing curriculum, and helping with maintenance when needed.

What is your favorite part of your position?

While I love teaching classes, my favorite part is being up in the air on our high ropes course.

What are you most excited about in regard to your position?

I’m excited to take more of a leadership role next year and see what I can do with our adventure program!

What is your favorite OW event and why?

I haven’t seen a ton of events, but I really enjoyed the 50th Anniversary and getting to talk to people that have had their lives affected in some way by Osprey Wilds.

What is your favorite class to teach and why?

My favorite class is High Ropes. I’m an adventure programming nerd. I love being up in the air and challenging kids (in a safe way) to step outside of their comfort zone.

Where is your favorite place to visit on the property and why?

I really enjoy the beach on our property in the summer because who doesn’t love a good lake lounge. In the winter, just walking on the ice and hearing it make noise is super cool.

What is the coolest thing you’ve seen at work?

It’s hard to narrow down the coolest thing because I’ve seen a ton of cool things! I think the porcupine that I watched climb up a tree over by our Yurt was pretty awesome.

What is your favorite animal?

A binturong! A very cool animal with a prehensile tail. They are known for smelling like popcorn and spending a lot of time in trees! 

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