Become a Sustainer - Make an ACH Recurring Contribution

Become an Osprey Wilds sustainer through automatic monthly donations!

Online donations to Osprey Wilds are secure and tax-deductible!

Become a Sustaining Contributor by making a recurring gift of the amount of your choosing ($10 minimum) through ACH (automatic withdrawal from your bank account). Making your monthly sustaining contribution by ACH lowers our processing costs, so more of your gift goes to support our programs.

You are in control – you can change or stop your payments at any time. You will get an annual summary of your gifts at tax time. Recurring donations are convenient and secure withdrawals from your credit card or checking account. This is a budget-friendly way to give and saves you time and money – no checks to write or postage to buy. And your sustaining gifts provide a dependable, ongoing source of funding for Osprey Wilds while reducing our administrative costs. 

Your contribution supports our long history of connecting people of all ages to nature through our environmental and outdoor education programs. Your donation provides the essential support we need to continue to provide quality environmental education to thousands of people every year. 

To become a Sustaining Contributor.

Simply select or enter an amount below then click "I want to contribute this amount every month".  NOTE: You need to click on "I want to contribute this amount every month" in order for your ACH contribution to be sustaining and processed monthly.

NOTE: If you prefer to use a credit card for your sustaining contributions:

To set up sustaining contributions to be charged to your credit card rather than an automatic bank withdrawal, you can use our online giving system. On the online form, simply select “I want to contribute this amount every month.” If you prefer not to use our online system, please email us to request a form that you can then complete and send to us, authorizing recurring payments.


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