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Red-tailed Hawk
Red-tailed Hawk

Educational Ambassador: Carolina

Red-tailed Hawk

(Buteo jamaicensis)

Carolina's Personal History

Species: Red-tailed Hawk (Buteo jamaicensis)

Family: Accipitridae

Age: Hatched in 2017

Sex: Female

Weight: 1650 g (~3.6 pounds)

Location and time found: North Carolina in August 2017

Injury: Neurological damage most likely due to West Nile Virus. Blind in the left eye. 

History: Carolina was found on the side of the road starving and emaciated as a hatching in Hillsborough, NC. Carolina Raptor Center determined her to be blind in the left eye  and deemed her non-releasable because she would not be able to successfully hunt on her own. She was transferred to Osprey Wilds in December 2017 to be an educational ambassador. During an annual exam, it was noticed that she turns and holds her head in an abnormal way. This is usually indicates a previous West Nile Virus infection. It is hypothesized that her left eye blindness along with some neurological damage was caused by the body’s immune response to fight off the virus. Currently, there is no way to test for sure if she had the virus.

Natural History